Frequently Asked Questions

Submit Project

How to submit project?

Click here to submit your project. Simply tell us some general information about your project such as your name, email address, project link and the special reward you would like to offer.

What type of project can be submitted?

We only accept live projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What is special reward? and what should I offer?

When submitting your project, we require project creator to offer some type of special reward to our members for their support, such as discount, reward upgrade or free added-on item. For special reward tips, click here.

How long does it take to get approved?

Due to higher number of requests, we are often swamped. However, we try our best to get back to you within 1 business day.

How do you promote project?

Once your project is approved, we will get your project in front of our exclusive community of super-backers. Because we only accept high quality projects with good special rewards, you are very likely to get a huge boost from our members support.

How do you track results?

You will see everything you need to know about your project promotion via your own project dashboard, such as the number of traffics, facebook shares and etc. The exact amount of pledge will be provided after we have verified our member's contribution at the end of your project.

How do I fulfill special reward?

We expect every project creator to fulfill their special reward after their campaign ends, whether it is a discount, upgrade or additional perk offered. We will contact you at the end of your campaign to 1) identify our member's contribution 2) coordinate on delivery of special reward.

Join as Member

How to become a BackerCity's member?

Click here to join BackerCity - the world's largest club for crowdfunding backers. When signing up, please use the email address you used to register your Kickstarter or Indiegogo account, so we can ensure you will receive your special reward.

What are the benefits to become a member?

Special Rewards -- Get discounts, free add-on, and other special offers on some of the best crowdfunding projects.
Backer Protection -- We will act on your behalf and do our best to protect your interest if you do not receive your pledge.
Win Cash -- Participate in our referral program and receive cash for each listed project that you referred over.