TileRec - World's Slimmest Voice-Activated Recorder
TileRec - World's Slimmest Voice-Activated Recorder
Practical, Tiny & Subtle. TileRec is much more than just the slimmest mini MP3 voice recorder. When we say "World's Smallest", we mean it. Measuring in at a staggering 1.6 inch in length, and 1/4 inch in height, weighing only 0.5 oz nothing else on the m
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This was well packaged in mostly recyclable packaging (all cardboard apart from one small plastic bag, and a small piece of foam). The box felt solid and looked professional.


Instructions were provided in several languages. The English instructions were clear and easy to understand. Setting the unit up for time-stamps, operation mode, etc. requires a computer, but the process isn't complicated and is clearly explained. Setup and use doesn't require downloading or installing any special software. It works fine without the extra set-up.


This is even smaller than I expected, and feels solid for its size and weight. My only complaint is that the surface is a bit slippery and I've dropped it several times when my hands are wet. On the plus side, it's survived completely unscathed.

It has a charging port, two LEDs and an on/off switch. Operation is as simple as turning it on or off.


These are better than I was expecting. The recordings are clear, without excessive background noise. I tried recording (with permission) with the TileRec in my pocket; the resulting recording was muffled but completely usable.



A rubberised surface or texture to make it easier to hold, and some way to check recordings/remaining memory without connecting it to a computer would be useful, but overall this is a convenient portable recorder that is easy to use, small enough to carry around, and unobtrusive.

Last Edited: Mar. 01, 2020

Firstly this came very well packaged, very presentable and professional.

The recorder itself is well made, feels good and is very small and easy to use.

After making some recordings and playing them back I can say I am quite impressed by the quality of the recordings, it seems to pick up all sound and is high quality if you consider how small this thing is, it is not audiophile quality but that isn’t what it is for.

As an every day sound recorder it is very good, my only problem is that you can’t play back any recordings without another source (ie PC or Mac) so you can’t hear recordings straight away and it requires VLC player to work and the charge lead is quite short.

Overall for a small sound recorder this is very good, it would be made better having a playback option so that you can check recordings on the move.


Last Edited: Feb. 28, 2020

I would say this product is alright. Some positives are that it is very thin and small which is very beneficial. Because of those factors, it’s very discreet and able to put into my pocket. I like the color of it because again, I can keep it discreet and quiet. Somethings I don’t like are how there is only 8gb storage because recording can add up and you need more storage. I also don’t like how it isn’t using usb c because it would benefical for MacBook Pro users like me 

I also don’t like how there isn’t a playback option on the recorder. Although it’s thin, I want to know what I recorded in order to see if I recorded the correct info. Maybe if there was a screen to see what recordings and such are on there to see what I have exactly

audio quality is uhh okay, I wouldn’t say it’s the worst but not the best. Some improvements could come there

Last Edited: Feb. 20, 2020