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Early Bird Pricing during the first year of the new launch! (However, the Super Early Bird offers are available only for a limited time.) First 5 Days - Free Shipping on All Orders. (Message us "Please remove shipping fee - Existing backer." and our team will refund the shipping cost.) Cash Prizes - Up To $100 for Referring 3 New Backers. 20% Cash Back on Referrals: https://quanta-vici-smart-apparel.kickbooster.me/boost Regular new backers get a Quanta Vici Snowflake NFT after backing $500. But, if you are an existing backer, the amount you backed this first project will be taken into account!
The First Ever Smart Heated Slim Jackets & Leather Gloves
Never Too Hot, Never Too Cold, Always Right - Quanta Vici Smart Heated Apparel. Wind & Waterproof Premium Design & Material.
Creator: Quanta Vici


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